Optimize your source code management!

Qarks AVS is a free multi-platform Software Configuration Management tool that is designed to be flexible, scalable, fast, and above all easy! Built with industry-standard Java, Apache Tomcat and PostgreSQL technology, AVS will help you save time and money, whatever your development platform, process or team size.

SCM - The Easy Way

Software AVS

A complete solution

Integrated bug tracking allows fine grained build management, navigating from change requests to source code is native. AVS brings a complete source code management environment, from the development to the release notes generation.
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Software JDiff

Use your own process

AVS bug tracker comes with a customizable lifecycle: create your own to keep the process you are used to! Create states, transitions and restrict some to custom access rights for privileged users.
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Software JLeak

Easy deployment

Setup is so easy! The server Setup installs PostgreSQL and Tomcat, if necessary, and creates the database for you. Client deployement is also very simple through JNLP: no need to make any manual installation, yet it always stays up to date when upgrading AVS server.
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