Free java library to perform file/folder comparison, and 3-way merge

JDiff is a free java library released under LPLG, to provide file/folder comparison and file merge features.

Main features

  • Comparison uses Myers' minimum set of differences
  • Recursive folder comparison
  • Optional user interface
  • Command line
  • Free LGPL distribution

JDiff benefits

JDiff is actually part of AVS, our Software Configuration Management solution. It has been bundled in a separate Eclipse project released under LGPL to let users import it within their own projects without licence constraint.

This library can be used as a standalone application for your daily file comparisons.

You can select your layout (vertical or horizontal split) and your default character set, and ignore leading spaces when comparing lines.

You can display end of lines, knowing that JDiff will detect a difference when these differ (Mac/Linux/Windows).