Track down your memory leaks within your java projects!

JLeak is a free utility meant to track down memory leaks within java applications. JLeak has been developped on top of javassist bytecode enhancer library. This product is delivered as a java agent, hence needs a JVM 1.5 to run. As a java agent, it will NOT cover leaks occuring within the JVM system classes, such as the strings you would forget in hashtables or arrays, it will only track memory leaks concerning your own application classes.

Main features

  • Shows stack trace of instanciations
  • Allows filtering to reduce shown classes
  • User interface can be launched remotely
  • Can be run within any IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, etc..)
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free LGPL distribution

JLeak benefits

This tool is very easy to setup within your IDE, whatever it is: just change your java application startup command line to integrate JLeak agent!

You can also run your server application on its testing environment and run the user interface remotely.

You can reset counters and trigger the garbage collector to get a snapshot of leaking objects.

Once recording has started on a set of classes, you can retrieve, through the stack traces, the location in your code where leaking objects have been created.

JLeak will runs even for J2EE application servers!